Sunday, 1 November 2015

Is My Roof Ready For Winter

Is My Roof Ready for Winter?

This is a question that few people ask, but wish they would have when a leak leads to damaged ceilings in January or February. Remember, the roof is your home's first line of defence from Alberta's sometimes harsh climate.

A roof has many components which require simple maintenance. This simple maintenance can extend a roof's lifetime to over 3 decades of protecting your home or building. 

If not maintained, your roof can potentially allow water into your home within 5 years of installation.

Leak Causing Problems

  1. Loose or Missing Shingles. You may not even notice that wind has loosened or blown off one or more of your shingles.
  2. Shingles which have not sealed. If the roof was installed onto your newly constructed home during the cold season, a layer of dust on the shingle sealant strips may have prevented a proper seal which occurs in the warmer weather of spring.
  3. Dried out cracked or missing caulking. All exposed nail heads on passive air, plumbing and mechanical vents as well as metal flashings should have caulking which prevents them from lifting. All rain collars, typically on chimney or furnace pipes will have caulking to prevent water from running down the pipe into your home. UV rays from the sun will dry out most types of caulking within 3 to 5 years.
  4. Curled or Damaged Shingles.  When a shingle ages and begins to curl, it starts to lose its seal.
    Shingles with a poor seal are much more susceptible to being blown off by higher than normal winds. 
  5. Plugged Eaves Trough. It only makes sense if leaves or debris have filled or plugged your eaves troughs/drains that a problem can arise. 

 How Often Should Maintenance Be Performed

Your roof should have scheduled maintenance every 3 to 5 years. A professional roofing company will normally charge in the area of $250 and up depending on the size height and slope of your home. This works out to a yearly planned cost of $50 to ensure your roof is in proper condition to protect your home.

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A. Shaw Roofing can inspect and correct any deficiencies on your roof before winter arrives. Our professional installers and repair technicians will get the work done properly and promptly.
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